It brings me great pleasure and joy to create a Ramadan calendar with the kids. This is why each DIY Ramadan calendar I create definitely counts towards my yearly highlights. Today I am especially excited to show you a DIY Ramadan calendar that is particularly great to implement with children. Behind the oriental skyline

The Ramadan calendar cube boxes are on top of the wooden table.


Handicraft materials on a wooden table


The first thing you will need in order to begin crafting is the matching craft kit for this blog post. Either you download it as a file and print out all the elements at home or you use my new printing service. In case you don’t have a high-quality printer or high-quality paper, you can always just check out my shop and have the craft kit directly sent to you. Or even if you would just like to start on it without any major organizational effort.


Now it’s time to cut out the crafting materials. I have prepared the templates so that they predominantly consist of simple and straight lines. This way you can easily include your children to participate. On the one hand, you will cut out 30 houses and mosques and on the other hand, you will also cut out the 30 cube shell surfaces that we will need to fold the cube boxes.

Colored house of appetite gets cut out with the scissors.
Cut out houses and mosques on a wooden table


After everything is cut out, let’s bring the pieces together to create the boxes. It is easier, if you trace the folding edges with a sharp object beforehand. This will make everything easier and above all, it will let you fold it more precisely.

Crafting template with scissors and ruler

Now spread the glue on the surfaces that need to be glued.

Spread the glue on the crafting template.

And press everything together. Leave the lid open.


Now we have to glue the front parts of the houses and mosques onto the cubes.

Glue gets spread onto the crafted cube.
Crafted Ramadan calendar with houses and mosques


As you all know, the best is saved for last. The most fun part of this is filling up the calendar, or? In case you need a couple more tips and ideas, definitely take a look at my “Filling up a Ramadan calendar” blog post, where I show different ideas that can be inexpensive and immaterial.

Filling up the gift boxes with candy and sweets


Now you just need to find a nice spot for the oriental skyline so that it becomes more visible and appealing. A shelf or window seal are great spots for it. But this Ramadan calendar can also be spread out on several levels, so you can present it that way as well.

Finished Ramadan calendar with houses and mosques
Finished Ramadan calendar with houses and mosques
Finished Ramadan calendar with houses and mosques


Would you like to watch the instructions on video? With pleasure! Definitely check out my dattelbeereYoutube channel and watch the videos that show my DIY crafting ideas.Of course, it would be a great pleasure if you subscribe to it, since the dattelbeere community should definitely grow there as well.

I am very curious if you like this calendar. I am so in love with the oriental skyline and am so excited about Ramadan because I can decorate the cube boxes on our window seal. If you craft this Ramadan calendar according to my instructions, I would greatly appreciate you posting it and tagging it with @dattelbeere on Instagram, so I can admire your creations.

Kind regards & many greetings

Your Vanessa

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