Ramadan lantern window decorations

Today I have another decoration idea for upcoming Ramadan that you can craft yourself. Ramadan lantern window decorations They actually look really pretty on the window if they are decorated with transparent paper. Of course there is also a crafting template for this.

Ramadan lantern window decorations

Ramadan lantern window decorations: materials

First of all you print out the craft template. Below this blogpost you will find an explanation on how to do that. Now carefully cut out the crafting template. Either with scissors or a cutter.

Ramadan lantern window decorations:cutter

Take your favorite color and draw a Ramadan lantern on the cardboard box so it can be used as a window decoration. This also works easier if you print out the template in a thicker paper beforehand. This gives more stability and helps so the cardboard box does not wiggle too much while drawing the lantern on it.

Drawing lanterns as a window decoration for Ramadan

Since we need both a front and back side, the lantern needs to be drawn one more time.

Cut-out lanterns as window decorations for Ramadan

Now you can decide if you want to glue the whole surface of the lantern onto one big transparent paper or if each window should get its own colored lantern. For this you will need to trim the transparent paper to the size that you need and glue it on the lantern. Be careful to not cover the transparent paper with glue but put glue on the lantern. Since most of the transparent paper is visible on both sides, it doesn’t require a complete layer of glue.

Ramadan lantern window decorations: transparent paper

Once you cover all the windows with transparent paper put glue on the second side of the lantern. Glue everything on the first side of it and then press it down.

Ramadan lantern window decorations: second side

Finally take a thread and pull it though the needle then poke a hole into the lantern so that it can be hung up.

Poke a hole into the lanterns to make them into window decorations for Ramadan.

And in the last step you just have to hang up the Ramadan lantern window decorations.

Lanterns decorated as window decorations for Ramadan

I hope you like the lanterns and wish you lots of fun crafting this idea yourself!

Here you can find the craft template.

Love and Salam

Your Vanessa

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