Making bird food yourself: Winter do-it-yourself (DIY)

Bird feed hanger

Winter has now fully arrived and it finally brings a bit of snow to the Ruhr area. Since the food supply for wild birds in big cities and metropolitan areas is becoming increasingly sparse, Monsieur Milkbeard and I have thought about misusing ourdate-berry cookie cutter. That’s why today I’m showing you how you can make bird food with your children. Above all, it’s super easy, you can make it within a flash and the kids will definitely have a lot of fun.

For the DIY bird food you need:

Materials DIY Bird Food

Here’s how:

Before you start, you should make sure that the coconut fat has room temperature. Because it should not be too liquidly and also not too hard, otherwise it cannot be processed well. A creamy consistency is the optimum.

The first step is to mix the coconut fat and the bird food together. It is completely up to you how much you use each time.

Coconut fat and bird food in a bowl

Mix everything well together. In the next step, the cookie cutters are wrapped with aluminium foil.

Cookie cutter wrapped in aluminium foil

Now the cookie cutter gets stuffed with the bird food mixture.

Cookie cutter is stuffed with bird food mixture

Now the stuffed cookie cutters go into the freezer for an hour.

Several stuffed cookie cutters

Now that the mass has become firm, you can remove the cookie cutters by carefully pushing on them. Then you take a wooden skewer and make a hole for a thread.

Make a hole in the bird food with a wooden skewer.

Finally, a thread is pulled through the hole in order to hang it up.

Bird food with a pulled through thread

Your DIY bird feeder hangers made from cookie cutters are ready now. Now we just have to find a suitable place in the garden to hang it. Monsieur Milkbeard also insists on placing a bird feeder hanger directly in front of his window to better observe the birds.

Finished bird food is hung up

By the way, bird researchers are currently discussing whether feeding wild birds should not be permitted all year round. Since there are many votes in favor of this, the DIY bird food can be implemented not only during the winter season.

I’m curious how you like the alternative handcrafting idea with the date-berry cookie cutters and wish you a lot of fun doing it too!

Love and Selam

Your Vanessa

In case you are looking for anothercreative activity that can be implemented in the winter time with children, take a look at our winterly window decorations and let yourself get inspired.

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