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Ramadan calendar made out of tea bags

Do you also like to drink tea? I absolutely love to drink a cup of tea, especially in the late night hours when the kids are in bed. It’s also a time to reflect on that day’s events. I relax on the couch or write a blogpost for dattelbeere (literally: date-berry). Just like now – […]

Friday’s Words of Wisdom: A Muslim Christmas?

„Mom! Santa really exists! REALLY! And he even has a sleigh and if I clean my boots, he will even put chocolate inside them. Yes, mom, , really!” Oooookay! Alright, Vanessa, it’s happening now. The moment you have been waiting for for so many years is finally here to give the perfect answer you have […]

Chalk marker mandala for Ramadan

A new trend is gaining more and more acceptance. Chalk markers, also known as chalk pencils, with which glass and mirror surfaces can be embellished. Today I brought for you a beautiful chalk marker mandala for Ramadan. A really beautiful and simple idea to get the house in the right mood for the holy month […]