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Ramadan calender in shape of moon

The holy month of Ramadan will begin soon and therefore here is the next inspiration for a Ramadan calendar. The complexity of effort to create this DIY Ramadan calendar that I am presenting you in this post is very easy to maintain. As always you can find the templates for the watercolor-painted moon as a […]


Kristallkugeln auf Holztisch

Ramadan is just around the corner. Having a Ramadan calendar has already become a beautiful tradition in our family, so much that every family member looks forward to it each year. I especially enjoy creating our Ramadan calendars myself and coming up with crafting ideas that are easy to implement with children. Today I will […]


It brings me great pleasure and joy to create a Ramadan calendar with the kids. This is why each DIY Ramadan calendar I create definitely counts towards my yearly highlights. Today I am especially excited to show you a DIY Ramadan calendar that is particularly great to implement with children. Behind the oriental skyline YOU […]

Ramadan calendar made out of tea bags

Do you also like to drink tea? I absolutely love to drink a cup of tea, especially in the late night hours when the kids are in bed. It’s also a time to reflect on that day’s events. I relax on the couch or write a blogpost for dattelbeere (literally: date-berry). Just like now – […]

Crafting a Ramadan calendar out of recyclable glass jars- Upcycling

Ramadan calendar out of recyclable glass jars

This year I will introduce you to another creative DIY idea on how you can craft a Ramadan calendar. Today’s version is even highly sustainable. I am going to address the current topic upcycling and will show you how you can craft your own Ramadan calendar out of recyclable glass jars. There is a special […]