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Ramadan Calendar

Salam and a heartfelt hello to my dear ones, For this year’s Ramadan preparations, we start in spring-like temperatures and, of course, we want to make a DIY Ramadan calendar. As the first inspiration and first craft kit for this year, I brought you the Ramadan calendar called “Ramadan village”. 30 boxes in 6 different […]

Making a Ramadan Garland: Fast and Easy DIY

Of course, our Ramdan series also lacks some decoration. Do you also notice that it is difficult to find suitable Ramadan decorations? Of course, crafting it yourself is always possible, but especially as a working mom, you don’t necessarily always have the time and leisure to get creative during the late night hours. For us […]

Ramadan Calendar With a Camel Caravan and a Mosque

it’s time for some crafting instructions for another Ramadan calendar. In the last weeks I have shown you how to make an easy one made out of paper cups. In addition, I also introduced you to making a Ramadan calender for adults out of tea bags. Today, I would like to show you another inspiring […]

Tips and Ideas to Fill Up a Ramadan Calendar

The holy month of Ramadan will begin next week. Hence, it is about time to quickly get the Ramadan calendar ready for the kids. Every year I plan to be better organized and start on it earlier, however, this year it remains again just wishful thinking. Filling up 30 small packages differently each and every […]

Making Your Own Ramdan Decoration and Fostering Fine Motor Skills

Ramadan decorations

Today, I would like to show you a crafting idea for Ramadan that will get your children to actively engage in. This is how you can simultaneously make your own Ramadan decoration and forster the fine motor skills of children. During these past couple of days, we have moved our crafting projects outdoors so they […]