The big topic of advertising is on everyone’s lips, as is well known. Therefore, I would like to take the opportunity to explain to you what advertising on dattelbeere means. Because transparency is very important to me.

Desk dattelbeere

If a company requests a cooperation with me and the brand and product match dattelbeere, I design a creative blog post. Of course I receive financial compensation for my work. As soon as the blog post goes online, you will recognize it by the label “advertisement”. However, you can be sure that I only grant access to my blog to products that I am convinced of.


Affiliates are links that are marked with an asterisk. They lead to a shop, in whose partner program I participate. By your purchase over this link I receive a small contribution. It doesn’t change a thing for you. The products you buy are therefore naturally not more expensive. I am pleased about your support. I can invest the proceeds in new equipment to produce even better content for you.


PR-Samples, are products that were made available to me free of charge. Furthermore, I did not receive any money. Of course the same motto applies here as well. Only products that I would have bought anyway, that I personally stand behind and that I believe will benefit you as well, deserve a place on my blog.