You love DIY, like to do handicrafts and are just as much a creative mind as I am? In addition, are you looking for Muslim ideas and inspirations to integrate your faith, Islam, actively and creatively into your everyday life? Then you’ve come to the right place here on my blog. If you still have doubts now, let me convince you.

WHAT DO YOU FIND ON dattelbeere?

I launched my blog dattelbeere in early 2018 to show how much scope my self-chosen way of life, Islam, offers for creative diversity. Here you will find numerous DIY and craft ideas that must not be missing in a Muslim family. You live not exclusively Islamic, but interreligious? Even then, you will find plenty of suggestions to make your multicultural family life even more colourful. You can get an overview in the dattelbeere archive.

dattelbeere font on wooden stones

Whether painting, crafting, sewing, modeling, sticking or writing. dattelbeere is a true DIY all-rounder and offers you plenty of opportunities to establish a diverse Islamic religious practice with your children. My creativity sparkles, because I just love to make things myself and to give my children an educational and theological added value. The uniqueness of my blog posts is what makes my self-designed craft templates. Because such individual Muslim handicraft templates you can only find here on dattelbeere. To avoid missing out, sign up for my free newsletter, benefit from exclusive content and freebies.

WHAT IS dattelbeere ?

dattelbeere symbolizes the combination of two cultures – from the date for the oriental and from the berry for the German way of life in our family. The whole thing is crowned with the common religion that unites us. Islam. From this then the neologism quickly became dattelbeere. My intention is to positiveize Islam in Germany. I want to build a bridge, show how Islam can be lived in Germany without being mysterious, frightening or oppressive. Prejudiced attributes that have arisen because two cultures and religions live blindly side by side for too long without going into direct dialogue and learning from each other instead of building mutual fears. Let us show together with the #creativeislam and #islamiscolourful that Islam has a deserved place in Germany.

Accessories for handicrafts


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