Making Your Own Ramdan Decoration and Fostering Fine Motor Skills

Ramadan decorations

Today, I would like to show you a crafting idea for Ramadan that will get your children to actively engage in. This is how you can simultaneously make your own Ramadan decoration and forster the fine motor skills of children. During these past couple of days, we have moved our crafting projects outdoors so they can be done in the fresh air, especially since the weather has been so wonderful. This is how a colorful Ramadan sign was made. I would like to present this crafting idea to you today.

Colorful Ramadan decoration

Fostering Fine Motor Skills

Of course, there are many different ways to creatively foster the fine motor skills in children. Drawing with a pencil by itself already trains the skills of a child more than we as adults even are aware of. This crafitng idea is the most suitable to train the coordination of one’s hand in different ways because it connects multiple possibilities with each other. Draw on things and cut things out but what helps the most is glueing different materials that have different shapes and sizes and that have a different feel to them.


Ramadan decoration materials

Preparing the letters

The first step entails getting the letters finished. You can use any script and every combination of letters for this. I decided to do something with the letters that spell the word “Ramadan” . For this, I chose the biggest font size that can be found in any Word document but that would still fit onto an A4 page. In order to not waste any unused colors, I only used the border as a line instead of printing out each and every letter. If a letter appears again, of course, you don’t need to print it out again since it is only being used as our template.

Color the letters

I used old shipping boxes for the cardboard boxes. They are very stable and also perfect to carry anything heavy, even buttons, without letting them fall over. Now use your paper templates that you already cut out and draw your letters on it but in the order you need them to be.

Cut out the cardboard

Now you need to cut out the letters made of cardboard.

Cut out the letters

Using Glue

This is the most fun part for children. Glueing all the colorful buttons, feathers and pompoms. There are no limits to your imagination here. If you chose to give each letter a specific color in order to teach your child the theory of colors aside from the fine motor skills or if you create the letters, in line with the motto: “the more colorful, the better”, this is up to you.

Glue it with different colors

Hanging it Up

Now all you have to do is decide if you want to use the letters and make a garland out of them or if you want to attach them seperately. If you want to make a garland, all you would need to do is poke holes and pull a string through them. Since we already got a lot of garlands, we decided to glue them this time. For this, I simply glued the backside with double-sided tape.

Ramadan decoration is hanging in the garden

I hope you have a lot of fun with crafting this idea.Being creative and crafting is so enjoyable!

Best regards and Selam

Eure Vanessa You are looking for more creative crafting ideas all about “Ramadan”? Then just check here and let yourself become inspired.

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