Creating Lanterns for Ramadan

Mosque Lantern

Selam Aleikum my dear ones, I hope that you are well and that you are enjoying a blessed Ramadan. I needed a short time-out in order to reorient myself in my every day life with two small children and fasting. Preparing blog posts at the same time was just not possible. However, now we are in the middle of Ramadan and I made myself a timeslot so that I can continue to provide you with creative ideas, crafting templates and small tips and tricks. Today, we have a crafting template that revolves around the topic: creating lanterns for Ramadan

Mosque lantern

More Family Time

The thing I appreciate most about Ramadan is that we simply have more family time together. Unimportant things fade away into the background and the time being truly present with your family becomes the focus. The time of the year when Ramadan approaches, is not always the best weatherwise since we are practically forced to stay at home. From the perspective of a fasting person, I embrace and welcome the November weather very much. Of course, I feel sorry for Mr. Milkbeard and Mr. Spitty because they can’t go anywhere and for them it’s as if the ceiling is slowly crashing down. That’s definitely a time when my creative streak shows itself as being an advantage. We are busy painting, crafting and baking. This is the context that led to the lantern crafting idea that I am presenting to you today. Mr. Milkbeard noticed that it’s gotten quite dark in our appartment and that he would like to have it a bit more cozier. Just having only glasses with tea lights in them are too boring for him.

Crafting Lanterns for Ramadan

The way you craft the lantern is almost self-explanatory. Afterwards, for the sake of completeness, I will show you a couple of details and a trick on how to magically create a beautiful Ramadan decoration in a flash.

You Need:

Cut everything out

For the outer lines, it’s best to use a small scissors in order to be able to also delicately cut out both the top of the minaret and the dome. For the windows, I would even recommend using a box-cutter/a scalpel. Keep in mind, that two of the four sides including the bottom part all have an edge that needs to be glued. Don’t cut it off but definitely leave it as it is.

Optional: Paint & Decorate It

Of course, with children, it is nice to decorate the lantern. We decorated it with crayons and sparkling gemstones,

that especially Mr. Spitty likes a lot.

Folding and Glueing

In order to fold the glue strip in a straight way, there is a good trick: just take a pair scissors and lightly trace it.

A ruler is helpful in creating the same effect. Afterwards, the corner becomes easily foldable.

At the end, you need to attach everything and make it stick. For that, I glued the borders, basically the four mosques to each other.

After this, everything gets attached to the bottom part in order to make it more stable.

There it is: your finished self-made lantern.

No matter if it is plain or colorful.

INo matter if you like the classical white version or the colorful one that children really enjoy, the result is certainly a beautiful and most of all a self-made Ramadan decoration.

Apart from that, you don’t have to place tea lights inside it. You can use it to keep dates ready-to-eat. I am sure you will find great ideas for alternatively deacorating or filling up the mosque you created.

Here you can find the crafting template.

I hope you have a lot of fun painting, crafting and being creative.

Best regards and Selam

Your Vanessa

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