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Now it is slowy time to get ready to make a Ramadan calendar. Of course, because Ramadan is just around the corner. Today I brought you a DIY Ramadan calendar consisting of mosque paper bags. This is an especially, easy and fast crafting idea that is great to make together with children. As always, the complete crafting kit can be found on my shop online. Let’s start.


  • dattelbeere crafting kit ‘Mosque Paper Bags’
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper clips


The first thing you will need in order to begin crafting is the matching craft kit for this blog post. Either you download it as a file and print out all the elements at home or you use my new specialized printing service. In case you don’t have a high-quality printer or high-quality paper at home, you can always just check out my shop and have the craft kit directly sent to you. Or even if you would just like to start on it without any major organizational effort.


Now everything gets cut out. This is great to do with children since the lines are quite simple. In total, of course, you will need 30 mosques for your calendar.


In order to make a paper bag shape out of the flat mosque, you will have to fold up all of the corners.


At first you glue the rectangles towards the top. Take a regular glue stick and smear glue on the surfaces designed for glueing.

After that, the free parts of the surfaces need to get some glue as well and need to get folded towards the inside. It needs to be done so that the sides facing the opposite from each other, get pressed together.

Using paper clips that keep the sides attached to each other is very helpful in order to strengthen the adhesion. After 2-3 minutes the glue is dry enough and you can stop pressing it together.


You repeat the whole thing 30 times until your Ramadan calendar is done. You can fill up the paper bags by using the opening on the top. The design of the paper bag makes it easy to open and close without seeing what’s inside. To be sure that nobody looks inside, you can seal the top part of the paper bags with glue or a paper clip.

YouTube Video

Would you like to watch the instructions on video? With pleasure! Definitely check out mydattelbeereYouTube channeland watch the videos showing my DIY crafting ideas. Of course, I would be even more delighted if you subscribe to it, since the dattelbeere community should grow online as well.

I hope you like the Ramadan calendar and that you can bring joy to your kids with it. You can make the paper bags stand up on a shelf or windowsill as a decoration or you can poke a tiny hole in them so you can hang them up as bags. No matter how you chose to use them, I wish you lots of fun with crafting this idea.

Kind regards & Salam

Your Vanessa

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