Ramadan calender in shape of moon

The holy month of Ramadan will begin soon and therefore here is the next inspiration for a Ramadan calendar. The complexity of effort to create this DIY Ramadan calendar that I am presenting you in this post is very easy to maintain. As always you can find the templates for the watercolor-painted moon as a download option on this blog and this is also available in the new printing service. Thsi is how you can get the craft kit through the mail.

Ramadan calendar in the shape of the moon


Crafting materials for the Ramadan calendar on a wooden table


The first thing you need to start with is the matching craft kit for this blog post. Either you download it as a file and print out all the elements from home or you use my new printing service. In case you don’t have a high-quality printer or high-quality paper then check out my shop and have the craft kit directly sent to you. Or even if you are interested in using it without any major organizational effort.


In today’s blog post I would like to show you the pink version of the DIY Ramadan calendar with a watercolor-painted moon. If you like blue more than pink, of course, you can also find the blue version in the download and printing service options.

Blue crafting templates for a Ramadan calendar on a wooden table


We start again with cutting out crafting materials. This time I also designed the DIY Ramadan calendar to involve less amount of work. Especially, I have made the level of difficulty easy enough so that children can also participate in crafting this Ramadan calendar. Many straight lines and circles that are even easy for kids in Kindergarten age to cut out. I would definitely suggest to ask them to join in cutting out the patterns. Let your kids help you. The joy will be even greater later on when they see what they achieved.

Cut out pink templates for the Ramadan calendar


At first we want to give our dull toilet paper rolls a new cover. For that you will spread glue onto the toilet paper roll and place the shell surface part around it. Finally, you only need one extra glue point for the flap and then press everthing together.

Toilet paper roll covered with glue
Glued toilet paper rolls on a wooden table


Now the whole thing needs to get tightly placed onto a stable cardboard. For this I simply took an old shipping box and glued wrapping paper onto it.

The toilet paper rolls are placed on a blue cardboard and arranged in the shape of a half-moon (crescent).

In order for the toilet paper rolls to also last long it is better to use the hot-melt glue for them to stand up due to its adhesive strength. Before that the rolls need to be placed at their intended position and then glued accordingly one by one.


Now you can fill up the Ramadan calendar. You can find many tips and ideas for a variety of content in the matching blog post.

Filled up toilet paper rolls with


The circles are used in the next step in order to close the open sides of the toilet paper rolls. If you place the numbers in sequence or mix them up, is all up to you.

A circle with a number gets attached to the open side of the toilet paper roll


Your DIY Ramadan Calendar Watercolor-painted Moon is finished. In order to open the package, you just need to poke a hole in the middle of the lid and your child can take out the surprise that is hiding inside the roll. Finally, you can decorate the cardboard with different kinds of colorful elements. I have made a 5-minute DIY on Instagram that shows you how you can make the circle-shaped parts yourself in no time.

Ramadan calendar in the shape of a moon and with a watercolor design
Ramadan calendar in the shape of a moon and with a watercolor design


Would you like to see the instructions on video? With pleasure! Definitely check out my dattelbeere YouTube Channeland watch the videos showing my DIY crafting ideas.Of course, it would be a great pleasure if you subscribe to it, since the dattelbeere community should definitely grow there as well.

Well? What do you think about the DIY Ramadan calendar with the watercolor-painted moon made out of toilet paper rolls? Mr. Milkbeard definitely likes this calendar the most and he can hardly wait to finally open the first package on the first night of Ramadan. You are more than welcome to tag me on Instagram with @dattelbeere, if you craft this Ramadan calendar. This is how I can also get to admire your artworks. I look forward to it!

Much Love and Salam

Your Vanessa

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