Ramadan calendar made out of tea bags

Do you also like to drink tea? I absolutely love to drink a cup of tea, especially in the late night hours when the kids are in bed. It’s also a time to reflect on that day’s events. I relax on the couch or write a blogpost for dattelbeere (literally: date-berry). Just like now – the cup of tea is right next to me :-). Even though today’s blogpost is also about crafting, this time it is meant for adults. A Ramadan calendar made out of tea bags.

A calendar for adults

Even before having kids, every year I would craft a Ramadan calendar for my husband. Every night after Iftar, breaking the fast, we would take turns to open a small package. Since not only do kids get excited about a Ramadan calendar- also as an adult I get so much pleasure and joy out of making one and using it as a way to prepare myself for the upcoming Ramadan festival. So to treat myself this year, I made a Ramadan calendar with tea bags and prepared the instructions for you.

You will need the following items for your Ramadan calendar made out of tea bags:

Ramadan calendar with teabags: materials

And this is how to do it:

At first you have to print out the signs with numbers and then cut them out.

Ramadan calendar with tea bags: number tags

Take a tea filter and fill it up with ca. one teaspoon of loose tea. You can put more or less, depending on how strong you want the tea to be.

Ramadan calendar with tea bags: filling it up with tea bags

Now you fold the opening to a triangle and then wrap the new tip around the bag once in order to ultimatley pin it down with a stapler.

Ramadan calendar with tea bags: stapling the tea bags

Pick a number, bend it in the middle, take a thread and pull it hrough the sketched out hole. You can use a needle to help with that as well.

Ramadan calendar with tea bags: threading the number tags

Take both ends of the thread, pull it through the tea bag and then tie a knot afterwards.

Ramadan calendar with tea bags: attach the tag to the tea bag

You can write down the kind of tea on the back of it. But you don’t have to! Maybe it is also a nice idea to let yourself be surprised.

Ramadan calendar with tea bags: labeling the tags

You have to repeat the whole thing 30 times until you have a tea bag ready for each day of Ramadan. After that, you can put them all in a teapot, as part of the Ramadan decoration.

Ramadan calendar with tea bags: filling up the teapot

It’s finished! Now you can treat yourself to a cup of tea each night during Ramadan. Or you craft it and give the calendar to a kind person who enjoys drinking tea. I am anxious about your responses. At our home, me and my husband share the tea calendar since experience taught us that always one of us ends up falling asleep with the kids :-D.

Ramadan calendar with tea bags: teapot filled up with a tea bag calendar

Dear loved ones! I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Here you can find the craft template.

Your Vanessa

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