DIY: Ramadan calendar with paper cups

Advent calendar, end of the year calendar. Why not also create a Ramadan calendar? It’s the third year in a row that Mr. Milkbeard has received a Ramadan calendar and each and every time he is obviously very happy about it. Even when me and my husband didn’t have any kids, we had a Ramadan calender every year. For each day of the fasting month of Ramadan, you get to open a small package up until the Ramadan festival begins. Today I have easy, cost-effective and quick handicraft instructions for creating your own Ramadan calendar out of paper cups. Right here you will of course get a template for crafting again.

For the Ramadan calendar with paper cups you will need the following:

Materials for Ramadan calendar with paper cups

And this is how to do it:

First unfold the napkins and then stuff the middle part in each cup.

Ramadan calendar with paper cups: napkin

Now you need the template. Simply download or order the number circles, print and cut them out.

Ramadan calendar with paper cups: numbers

Take a glue stick and glue the circled numbers onto the front of the paper cup.

Ramadan calendar with paper cups: glue stick

Of course, you will need small presents or sweets to fill up the Ramadan calendar. Start from the top and fill it up however you would like and then tie the napkins with a pretty ribbon.

Ramadan calendar with paper cups: hemp string

The whole thing has to be repeated 30 times until all of the cups are filled up. Provided that Ramadan has 30 days. Sometimes the number of days vary. But this year 30 cups need to be filled up. Now we just have to find the perfect spot to put it up and then the Ramadan fun can begin. We have chosen the spot between our bookshelves but a windowsill or a shelf is also good for it.

The finished decorated Ramadan calendar made out of paper cups is in the living room.

In our family, Mr. Milkbeard is allowed to open his small package before he goes to sleep. Especially during the week he does not stay awake up to iftar, when it is time for breaking the fast. Some families that we are friends with like to open the Ramadan calendar the same way it is done in the Christian/German culture. Meaning pretty much after getting up in the morning. I think every family should find it’s own rhythm and right time to do it.

Here you can find the craft template.

I wish you a blessed Friday and a sunny weekend.

Your Vanessa

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