Chalk marker mandala for Ramadan

A new trend is gaining more and more acceptance. Chalk markers, also known as chalk pencils, with which glass and mirror surfaces can be embellished. Today I brought for you a beautiful chalk marker mandala for Ramadan. A really beautiful and simple idea to get the house in the right mood for the holy month of Ramadan. Here you can downloador orderthe template.

For the chalk marker mandala you need:

Chalk marker mandala pens

First you print the 6 sheets of the painting pattern and put them together in the right order. The edges are cut off to create a flat image.

Chalk marker mandala template

Now you fix the edges with tape to get a big picture.

Chalk marker mandala

Now attach the picture to the window. Depending on which page you want to read the text from, you will have to glue the template to the inside or outside of the window. I want “Happy Ramadan”to be read in our living room, so that I can attach the artwork outside. But it would be just as good to be able to read the text from the outside. For this you would have to fix the painting pattern on the inside.

Chalk marker mandala

Now close the window again and follow the lines with the chalk marker. If you have a multiple glazed window, the distance seems very large.. It is therefore advisable to draw a few test lines. However, you can wipe off the paint immediately with a damp cloth, so corrections are no problem.

Draw the chalk marker mandala on the window

Altogether I needed about half an hour for the whole picture. When everything is painted, simply remove the template again and your Ramadan window picture is ready. I think the mandala is really something to be proud of.

Chalk marker mandala window finished

I hope you like the idea and have a lot of fun!

Here you can find the template.

Love and Salam

Your Vanessa

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